Recent developments in Higgs theory

October 22–27, 2018

Monday, 22 October

10:00–11:00Masahiko Saito
Moduli spaces of parabolic Higgs bundles and parabolic connections on curves and Integrable systems
11:00–11:20Coffee break
11:20–12:20Philippe Eyssidieux
Orbifold Kähler groups related to Mapping class groups
12:30–13:30Pranav Pandit
Spectral Networks
15:00–16:00Alessandra Iozzi
Higher Teichmüller theory and geodesic currents
16:00–16:20Coffee break
16:20–17:20Marc Burger
On the real spectrum compactification of Higher Teichmüller spaces
17:30–18:30Richard Wentworth
Harmonic maps, pleated surfaces, and the asymptotic structure of the Hitchin moduli space

Tuesday, 23 October

09:30–10:30Andras Szenes
An enumerative approach to the \(P=W\) conjecture
10:30–10:50Coffee break
10:50–11:50Tamas Hausel
Intersection of mirror branes on Higgs moduli spaces
12:00–13:00Alan Thompson
Pseudolattices and Homological Mirror Symmetry
14:30–15:30Steven Bradlow
Exotic components of surface group representation varieties and their Higgs bundle avatars
15:30–16:00Coffee break
16:00–17:00Oscar García-Prada
Arakelov-Milnor inequalities and maximal variations of Hodge structure

Wednesday, 24 October

10:00–11:00Michael Finkelberg
Conjectural Higgs branches of Sicilian quantum field theories
11:00–11:20Coffee break
11:20–12:20Hélène Esnault
Higgs bundles and \(F\)-isocrystals
12:30–13:30Helge Ruddat
Smoothing toroidal crossing varieties
15:00–16:00Bruno Klingler
Tame topology and Hodge theory
16:00–16:20Coffee break
16:20–17:20Vadim Vologodsky
The Tate construction as a crystal
17:30–18:30Roman Bezrukavnikov
Hitchin fibration and positive characteristic
19:00– Conference dinner

Thursday, 25 October

10:00–11:00Takuro Mochizuki
Periodic monopoles and difference modules
11:00–11:20Coffee break
11:20–12:20Artan Sheshmani
Atiyah Class and Sheaf counting on local Calabi-Yau fourfolds
12:30–13:30Ben Davison
Higher genus Yangians and Higgs bundles
15:00–16:00Graeme Wilkin
Representations of the Heisenberg algebra on a singular Morse complex
16:20–17:20Thomas Sutherland
From Higgs bundles to local systems: a (non)abelian perspective
17:30–18:30Samson Shatashvili
Higgs Bundles in Physics

Friday, 26 October (at Steklov Mathematical Institute)

11:00–12:00Carlos Simpson
Construction of GL Higgs bundles on the moduli of bundles over a genus 2 curve — the even case
12:00–12:20Coffee break
12:30–13:30Andrey Levin
Higgs theory and Arakelov geometry
13:30–14:30Georgios Daskalopoulas
Pluriharmonic maps of infinite energy
15:30–16:30Alexander Efimov
Categorical Hitchin system
16:30–16:50Coffee break
16:50–17:50Nikita Nekrasov
Towards the proof of the NRS conjecture
18:00– A. N. Tyurin celebration